Friday, May 28, 2010

May 2010 The Month That Saved Europe Day One Part One

This post is about what my honors history class did to save Europe. These are pictures of day one of working on the map. The map i am talking about is the one that Mr. Kibbe has hanging up in his room. His past honors history class made maps except last year how painted on the walls. But this year out class got lucky, Europe was the map that was in the worst condition.
(Day one- technically day 2 but i did not
have my camera with me on day 1)
Tracing of the map
We had to trace the map on the paper. What we used was a projector to get the image onto it.
Tracing of the map (Syd, Lacee, Kelsi)

(Rachael, KaSandra)
(Shadow Of the ladder)
(Lacee, Rachael, and KaSandra)
(Tristin, Rachael pointing to a country)

Sunday, May 16, 2010


Hi to anyone who reads this blog,
My name is Steven and i am new to this blogging site. So please if you are a follower please be patient and understanding if i do not have anything new right away. I might be thinking about what to talk about or i am just busy. This blog will have no swearing, no reference on drugs or alcohol. I do not do any of those things. Most of what i will be doing on my blog are doing a report of all the books i read and leave comments, i might have something to say about school one day or i might talk about church.